Thursday, July 26, 2007

one other thing

PRAISE JEEBUS, my cats are CUTE!

Day of Beauty and Tearfullness

Anyone who knows me knows that the last few weeks have been tumultuous at best, namely as the day draws nearer for my sister-in-law's wedding. I was originally assigned to make the dress but when I got too overwhelmed with projects my friend/occasional assistant/craft fair partner Jane took over, thus saving both my relationship and my ass.
And boy did she do a good job. Lo, from a few yards of overpriced fabric came a wedding dress to end all dresses, the quirky wedding dress from which all quirky wedding dresses shall be molded.
Can you believe that? SOMEONE I KNOW MADE THAT.
If she doesn't ike it I am going to commit hari-kari. But something tells me that she will like it. Something tells me she will be too busy getting married and being happy to even notice.
Of course when Jane emailed us the pics today Anne started crying at her desk. She loves her sister something fierce. I hope if I ever get married that my sister gets just as fuhklempt. We'll see.

In other news, Anne and I just got back from seeing Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane as part of Celebrate Brooklyn, and having never seen the company before, I think I can safely say that the perfect weather, typical attractive Brooklyn hipster crowd, delicious french fries from the Prospect Cafe, and of course the amazing performance, were a nice beginning to what I hope is a perfect final month here in the city of...rats? Lights? Free dance pieces? Whatever.

My crush of the day is this piece of gorgeous fabric from Reprodepot. It's almost exactly like a silk that Marc Jacobs did last fall and which I am still kicking myself for not buying when I found it at Mood a few months later.

Anne just snuck up behind me and caught me preparing to order it, which I am ashamed to admit since we're moving and I shouldn't be collecting anything new. Hmm. Anybody want some furniture, or 5 years worth of fashion magazines?