Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crafty Things Afoot

I've been taking stock of myself and the things that I'm not only good at, but also actually enjoy, namely:
1)working with crafters
2)designing and sewing
3)helping people sell crafts that they made
4)teaching people how to craft
5)writing about crafting
6)planning craft-related events

I couldn't help but notice that the word "craft" was in there 5 times, along with sewing, designing, and writing, which are also pretty crafty. Add to that the fact that last week's Free Will Astrology horoscope basically told me to get off my butt (figuratively, given the circumstances) and start writing, and I've got a pretty clear sign from the universe that I need to start writing about craft, or, if not the larger craft movement, at least my place in it, and the places of those artists that I want to work with.

As someone who has always loved writing, but has never made a living at it, the idea of diving into that life terrifies me - sure, I can churn out compelling copy, but is that art? I have no idea.