Monday, July 30, 2007

New design crush

Right now I am all crushed out on the work of fellow Brooklyn girl Aimee Wilder. I first heard about her on DesignSponge, and since I usually trust Grace's judgement I figured her recommendation would be up to snuff. Not only does Aimee have some seriously mad skills at Illustrator her prints are whimsical and funny and would look awesome either covering the hideous beigeness that is my bathroom or else gracing some of my jersey wrap Heidi dresses.Hmm. I better email her and see what she says. They are spot-on perfect blends of modern colors and classic elements. I want all of them in my house, somehow. Check out this hysterical barber's pole with hearts. , I mean, come ON! Can't you see that on a sweatshirt at Fred Flare?
Some of her more traditional prints include fleur de lys (my favorite) and funeral urns in dayglo colors, and patterns of hearts, clovers, and other poker staples in super-saturated jewel tones.

I'm thinking that she is going to be a major force in the design world.
In the meantime, you should check her out here and perhaps tell her how great she is too!