Monday, May 19, 2008


Hooray! Sarah and I finally finished the dress we were making Eliza for her brother's wedding - it's really gorgeous, a 12-panel bias-cut crepe-back satin dress with an acid green satin lining. I've never had an easy time working with either of those fabrics, so I'm really proud that I was able to get it done and even get the zipper to lay flat. No mean feat when you primarily work with stretch fabrics! Here's a pic of it about halfway through the construction process. As you can see, in this pic the top hadn't actually been attached to the bottom yet, but you get the idea, right?
So, in other news, the MP wedding dress continues apace (hence the title of this post for all you fellow Shakespeare nerds) - it's nearly done and is really looking like it'll be awesome! We had our last fitting on Wednesday and my bride is all smiles despite the raw edges and pins and general messiness. When people request custom clothing, I don't think they realize how much work goes into it, and I try really hard to make the whole process easy and fun and safe- I go fabric shopping with you, I bring sketches and lookbooks and costume books and magazines, we watch tv and pick out shoes and even underwear (though I won't say who I had to do that for, but it has definitely happened!).
The end result is usually something pretty darn good, though:
A lot of the ladies that I've met here in SF are about to get hitched (seriously, this is the coupliest city EVER), and it's really fun to watch them getting excited about it. I really, really hope I get to experience that one day too, day, but in the meantime I'm glad that I get to share in the process.