Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It took 4 hours to get to work this morning.

I need some cheering up, so I took this pic from the Bonbon Blog. It's so pretty. I wish cherry blossoms grew inside of my house.

Also cheering was a lovely mention I recieved on the Bonbon Oiseau blog from the Queen of Beatiful Design Herself, Miss Deborah Stein,
which is here.
Thanks, Deb! That's really awesome. I like your pieces too.
But you know that already.

I was also greeted with the following fashionable activity, which I will hopefully be able to attend without looking too bleary-eyed or otherwise insane:

Nanette Lepore will be there! She is my idol. And the head of the CFDA.

UPDATE: Nanette was there, but I was too shy to talk to any of the important peeps and ducked out as soon as it was over. Most interestingly was the fact that Linda Hamilton from Terminator was sitting next to me. Isn't that random?

What I'm been focusing on instead of packing for our trip to Ecuador is making Anne a present for her sister's wedding and having Jane sew it. It's green shantung with brown undertones, slightly below the knee, with a ruffle down the front as a nod to the Anne Dress that she designed, and a bow around the neck. It is basically this children's shirt, but lengthened to make a dress, and made much larger. and in silk. Okay it's nothing like this shirt, I just like the picture. It reminds me of Anne, as do most things that are sweet, innocent, and kind of dorky.
I am most excited about the ethically harvested horn buttons and the chocolate velvet ribbon belt that will go with it. Jane is going to sew it for me. Hope it fits!