Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Projects

Exciting things are afoot in Mignonette-land: The revitalization of the Ladies Independent Design League SF, searching for new studio space high and low (to share with a boatload of fellow artists, perhaps too many superfriends to comfortably make a crime-fighting group), and the creation of a new mobile-crafting venture. Also pleasantly surprised with the new hire I made at Job #2. Almost too many projects to keep up with, but I'll have to write them all down or I'll forget.

Holy Shizz Look At this House in Shanghai

Today's post in the NY Times Home and Style section is inspiring me to
2)Book a flight to Shanghai
3)Become bff's with this woman so that she writes me into her will (okay, she's only 38, so we'd have to be bff's for a good long time, but still, it's so worth it and maybe she'd let me borrow her clothes).


And of course what house is complete without an antique birdcage to house your rosebush: