Tuesday, August 7, 2007

okay, less cranky suddenly:

Hmm. wonder why?

The Divine Chic of Bonbon Oiseau

Let's see, who am I crushing on today........... ah yes.

Fellow Francophile Bonbon Oiseau, aka Deborah Stein.

This lady makes the most interestingly pretty jewelry and gorgeous feathery hairpieces you've ever seen. Some of them look so much like fresh flowers that you'll swear you've never peeped a prettier bloom, unless you live in Tahiti, in which case you have gorgeous fresh flowers all the time, and anyway shut up. :)

If I ever get married Jane is making my dress and Bonbon Oiseau is making everything else for me, my bridesmaids, the wife, my mom, her mom, her friends, the cats, everybody.
Behold this piece Deborah custom-designed for a bridal party:
What I like the most about Bonbon Oiseau is that the pieces encourage you to inject some serious glamour into your everyday life, but since they are made with flowers and feathers and natural materials, the look is much more Earth goddess than anything else. They are so wearable and pretty, and with prices ranging between $42-$300, you can afford to pick up a few for yourself and your friends! I've done several markets with Deborah and her table, booth, and website are so perfectly chic and ethereal that people just flock (sorry, that wasn't intentional) to her table and try everything on. It's fun watching girls who would never think of wearing hair jewelry (including me) having fun with the pieces, but once you've got one on you feel like Billie Holiday with her trademark white camellia blossom.

Of course Bonbon Oiseau also makes incredibly cool jewelry, like these L'Eglantier (Wild Rose) Earrings. They are faceted crystal with antique glass roses. I don't usually wear yellow but I could be convinced:

Can't you see yourself in a summery dress and gold sandals with these framing your face? In fact, you are probably already wearing that outfit, so you should get these to make it perfect.
You can get them here.

And tell her Kpoene' sent you!