Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Announcing Mignonette Bridal

It's July 1st, 2008 and Mignonette Bridal is ready to launch!

Please check out the site at http://www.mignonettebridal.com .
On the site you can engage (ha-ha) my services for a custom dress, including designing, budget consultation, even styling!
You can also order a ready-to-wear dress from the site if you need a piece in a hurry or want a less-expensive (but still amazing) option.
Please tell all your friends who are in need of a custom-made, gorgeous dress - I'm so, SO excited that this is finally happening, and I want to dress as many brides as possible!

In other news, now that Pride is over, I have started working my little tushy off repping my dear friend Sarah Zins' eponymous line of organic and recycled clothing.
Usually when you hear "recycled" you think of exposed seams and strange, fun-fur fabrics. Not so with Sarah Zins. Her line is incredibly wearable, well-made, and stunning. Best of all, it looks good on everyone, even those of us who are curvier.

You can check out her line at Sarah Zins, and order it online from our friends at


I'm enjoying this whole "rep" thing so much that I think I'll try and do it for some other designers as well - after all, I have lots of experience with buyers. Anyone want a rep to get their stuff into stores? :)