Tuesday, June 3, 2008

yay! mp's dress is done and she likes it!

I can't wait to get some photos of her in the dress, but my lovely san francisco bride really liked the dresses that we whipped up (well, not exactly whipped, it took 2 months) for her! here's what she said:

"Dear Kpoene',

well we did it, and had an amazing wondrous time of it all. I wish I could have recorded all the compliments I received--on both dresses-so that you could bask in them. The yellow was so cute and I never knew I could have cleavage before...but it was darling.

Truly the wedding dress was perfect and it was a breezy day, it fluttered as I walked, and no marilyn moments....I will be sure to send you photographs. It was so fun to wear and absolutely perfect.

Thank you for everything!"

Gee. that makes me feel really special. :) Anybody else want a custom dress?